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Handling Objection Guide

The Complete [Guide] Handling Objections


INTRODUCING: The Complete Guide to Handling Objections


Your ability to succeed and excel as a real estate professional will be in direct proportion to your ability to accept, handle, and overcome the obstacles that most

people call objections. 

[Our objective with this guide is to keep it very short and simple] Do not over complicate the objection process, just learn to answer them.


This Guide Includes:


“After my very frustrating first year and a half in real estate I said to myself ” I’m going to give this business one final opportunity, I’m going to hire a coach I decided to go with the Montiel Organization.  It’s been almost 2 years since I made that decision.  I’m still in coaching and my productivity has gone from less than $30,000 to well over the 6 figure income every year for the past two years.  More important I have being able to develop a strategy that has allowed me to concentrate on sellers and become the dominant listing agent in my niche area.  The marketing strategy  that I learned from the Montiel Organization allows me to say that I do not call clients, clients call me.” Nivaldo Soria -Julie's Realty

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